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Are you frequently stuck in the middle of the month?

We are all there at some point of time. Sometimes, it is either that we miscalculate or sometimes, exigencies can empty our pockets much earlier than it should have lasted. If this is the case with you now or you find yourself in similar fixes most months, fret not!

We are here for you:

While we would love o have you in an ideal situation where you can live within your paycheck for the entire period and not have to resort to borrowing, we would like to remind you that in case there is any unexpected emergencies, we are always there for you.

Borrowing from your devices:

A world of convenience awaits you when you borrow money from us. Gone are the days of standing in queues and also waiting for a favourable answer from the lender. Now you can get a payday loan from us within a matter of fifteen minutes when you log in from your device.

Credit direct into your bank account:

When you choose a amount smaller than 5000, your account will be credited within a matter of quarter of an hour. What’s more, you can even set the time of repayment on the application itself. The application which is a web based one needs no download into your device either.

Minimum data requirement:

Your financial data is safe and secure with us. Alternative Loans | UK Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Therefore, kindly fill up all the mandatory areas and be ready for a credit notification!

Most competitive interest rates:

Browsing the market, you must get a fair idea as to the competitive rate of interest that we offer to all our borrowers. Additionally, if you pay up your loan within the stipulated period, we promote you to the category of premium customers where you can enjoy a lot of other credit facilities too in addition to personalized invite to a host of corporate sales and first look at discounts in your area! So, don’t wait any longer, apply now!

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